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Tintometer Model F Colorimeter

The Lovibond® Model Fx solves the temperature problems associated with consistently measuring the colour of edible oils and addresses the need for quickly delivering accurate results. Misreading from crystallisation can be eliminated with its ability to keep the oil at a constant temperature and report the temperature of the sample.

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The Model F is a visual colorimeter designed to optimise the use of Lovibond® glass filters in order to express colour in terms of Lovibond® Red, Yellow, Blue and Neutral. It is available in slightly varying formats to meet the requirements of different applications and the national and international standardising bodies which specify the instrument in their official methods for colour measurement.

  • • Glass Colour Standards Housed in Durable Racks
  • • Prismatic Optical System Provides Improved Colour Matching
  • • Balanced Field of View
  • • Replaceable Sample Chamber Liner

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